Sunday, November 16, 2008

I love walking in the Rain

Rain, rain don’t go away,
You are my excuse to bunk office too soon,
My reason to wade through the flood,
As I Walk along familiar paths,
Dreading the unknown potholes on the way.
The salubrious wind brushes along my face,
A cold gush seeping through the air,
Passing chilly shivers through the spine.
I love the rain,
The dark coat wrapping me from the fiery rays,
Shielding from the dirty sweat and tan.

The rains are so magical,
They urge things to a standstill.
You can move if you want to play,
Or just take shade under a tin roof,
Avoiding the gushes as they come in strong showers.
But I love the rains so much,
As they dance around,
Giving everyone a respite,
To enjoy the misty sights!

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