Monday, November 10, 2008

Narcissist's Pleasure


My roots, long lost, I admire....
My destiny, unaware, I tread with fear......
I may use too many "I"s, myself I trust!That shadow of my own!
Honest- I've nothing to hide,
Confident- I do what I think is my pride,
Hypocrites and Gossip-mongers, Would run away from me a mile,
My conscience, I would not lose even for a while!!!!
Whether you like me or not,I do not bother!

A research writing I had come across long time back opined that most of the friends networking sites were an outlet for all the narcissists to parade their talents, achievements and of course their attractiveness. Am sure none of the eager 'orkutters' and 'facebookers' would consent with a sneering statement as this, claiming that they just prefer to stay in touch with friends, kindle old memories, bring back nostalgic moments etc etc. But I myself, just taken to blogging could hardly resist acknowledging the underlying truth. Yep I too started orkutting first for the sake of keeping track with my friends. It was surprising awe to see how people have changed over the years, all looking new compared to how I knew them, and in diverse parts of the world, some trumpeting their attainments, while some keeping a low key without even uploading a picture of theirs.

The friendship sites are a humungous cluster of human thoughts and traits. I know couple of people who take photos just to upload on the site so that their old friends (and new ones too)could see how much they’ve become - trendier and stylish and all in conrast to the gawky kids they were once. Also I know of a friend who plainly refused to log on to one of those ‘friendly sites’ dreading the bouts of diffidence it would bring into her if she glanced at her old friends educational and job profiles that would be gleaming with foreign degrees compared to her locally earned ones.

Then there are some of thopse secretive ones who use this to pry on their old enemies. I don’t mean the hard core fanatics with a vengeance, but simple school and college enemies who parted ways after petty fights as kids but now wanting to test what the other has done in life and where she has gotten to. Now I do not in any way mean to demean that these sites are for a bunch of jealous and over narcissistic folks wanting to display their success but I agree that these are to a level a form of narcissism for evry one.

The process that develops in itself is refelctive of the statement. First you create your own page with a pretty hip photo of yours, smiling most of the times into your mobile phone camera, your sole goal is to search for fellow mates from school, once you start meeting all of them it transforms into a competition of sorts because now you are back in track with the lives of hordes of friends and its time you show them what you are doing? How you look? Where you went this weekend to party? Your new clique of cool friends, your new hair colour and so on, it definitely escalates your amount of confidence and prompts you to achieve more at least for the sake of updating the news… I know, from bitter enemies to newly divorced couples who irritatedly ask the other 'to get out of their lives and go to Hell' would eventually sneak into the others web page to see what he or she is upto...!

Let the net working sites grow as the ‘jealous’ turn greener witnessing your success while the ‘curious’ keep peeping into your pages every now and then, to see if your mood is off and silently rejoicing when you are down!

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