Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday with FOOD!

The day started off well, as I had pampered my tresses to a homemade conditioning therapy, of egg white, some herbal leaves, lime and other mamma’s ingredients. The rains have not departed from Chennai, giving people like me a delight of sorts. With the chilly air and mushrooming puddles of water. Something nice to eat would be apt for the moment.. Say pasta or potato wedges or butter and salty popcorn…food never goes out of my mind despite the constant worry about ending up with an over sized jeans and an XX large t-shirt in a few months.

Yesterday I had a good amount of bread, pasta with cheese and sour onion cream and soup. It was delicious and I ended it with a filling 2-3 glasses of coke. Today, various dishes kept flying in my mind. Even a plate of pizza would do… nice cheese, with crispy something and jalapenos.. Thinking of food on a daily basis becomes an inherent part of my lifestyle… sometimes I feel its good considering the truth where my imagination and day dreaming half fulfills the desire and finally when am served the dreamt of dishes, I could satisfactorily gulp down a small quantity than expected.

Now to ensure those who don’t know me much, I am not this greedy, ever so craving for food - plump girl. But my interest in food is never- ending. It eventually has graduated to cooking. Should I opt for a change of career? Maybe I should have become a chef. The time is not far behind. I could be one. And or maybe a wine taster, though I don’t know much about it! May be another few years would see me in some fine wine yard in a cozy French destination among grapes and bottles of wine! A big cheer to FOOD!!

And the day of food thinking did end well for me… surprisingly my friend Ela and her hubby celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary really did take me out for an unexpected sumptuous large dinner.. “A North Indian Buffet” at Deccan Plaza. Though half the time I didn’t know what I was gorging on.. All oily, sugar dozed spicy panneers, kebabs, rotis and a special one was ‘Kesarangi’ tasted yum! It was a nice foody day after all with my friend’s wonderful family!

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Anonymous said...

You seem to be a FOODIE!