Monday, August 8, 2011


Like sombre, when the mood is drowned,
Thoughts erupt , but a blockage in the eye,
Expression caught in hide and seek
The thought sees no light.
Within the annals of the mind lies
A desire, so deep to pour
Cannot for fear of ridicule...
Lest the other mind speak
Reveal the same vibe
But closed hearts leads to unanswered questions!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


now, its been a long yawn, and I was awakened to a life I really was made of and made for...
and a nice relaxing holiday won me a few jealous irks, with the rumour of a never-had boyfriend, a tormented past and a deliberate shunning of my thinking how even the simplest of men can cook up interesting stories to look unique and trusting.
if given a chance of money, i would elongate the story to give a thriller film.. am pissed off too, with unknown people talking of me, but then it gives me a rise above the rest, that am Popular!

Monday, March 28, 2011

When I met the wrong man

The Hypocrisy of Traditionalism On pretext the world functions through certain norms, now exhiled in to oblivion via modernism and uncouth manipulation of cultures, isn't it dramatic when people rumour when one steps out of norm. The existence of life is judged by a set of principles man-made and tried to constrict humans from venting their creative synergy or rising up above the rest. Biographies and autobiographies have taught us it is men and women daring traditional norms who have exalted themselves unto a higher echelon of life. If fear of social repurcussions prick the conscience, the man is incapable of handling a changed life. He cannot dare to do wonders nor arrogantly change routine thinking ingrained within traditional mindsets. If fear engulfs or shame shrouds in doing it different one should sit back to rest and dull as a stagnant creature clad in a roll of inconspicuous garbs. But I shun those contemporaries blessed of pretence. They who in need to shine above the rest, to stamp their infamous memory, create all havoc to establish their names even if uncalled for. Once i came upon a man, who tried to push himself to the extremes, with a loud mouth, exhorbitant words and wild aka rebellious thoughts of feminist freedom. I wished to tell him, 'my dear friend, your pretence feminism is so transparent of your arrogance, an arrogance which was trying to hide behind a culture sensitive, brood of Tamil men, soaked in liberating the woman from traditional set-ups. He on the other side was avaricious of a dowry from a wealthy, to be wedded girl, full-fledged brought up Tamil culture. Why so the drama of speaking at endless meetings, debates and blog meetings to enhance the independance of women when he is craving for the girl's money from the inside. It doth make the woman proud that a man should after all fall at her feet for money...! the hypocrisy eventually brings out his weaker side... saving the traditionally called weaker sex from the wrecks of a ego-centric males.