Monday, December 6, 2010

Belief or Truth


every word uttered so rash.


an ignorance so deep.


for the modesty stolen.


the humiliation sees no light.


the trivial happiness in gloom.


in a dream like wish with no return.


the secrets are secure and bound.


for the one who is different.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When the Orphan's Sleep

When the orphans sleep, a nether world appears. Bereft of care, isolated from the same blood and vein, doth it not hurt the slightest of sinister-minded as the 'Orphans Sleep'?

You may 'pick-a-pocket or two' and be the roadside millionare, departed from the peril of being left out as you have always been. The little body, spelling adjectives of malnourishment, is all that you have. Even homelessness affects you none, when four three walls and a cover would suffice to put you to sleep. Maybe the nether world appearing as you doze off, sketches a colourful picture of kith, kin and everyone. Where food and drink is of a plenty, where hard labour is uncalled for.... thats how beautiful life is 'when orphans sleep'.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Far off from Felicity

Felicity knocked on my door
She tapped, tapped the window pane
I tried to unlock the front
The latches were a tight cluth.
She knocked too desperate
I could not let her in
Her sweet lips arched in sorrow
I am helpless and she kept at aloof,
Her sorrow was mine
Lest she did not understand.
I, the unfortunate was blessed
To find new happiness but lost
So rigid, to open and felicity in
She flew away where she could be easily let in
While I arched my lips in worry.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Happiness is in the anticipation. It the sense of wanting, the desire, the lacking and hope lest it should slip away from your groping hands...It is when you long for something, there is pleasure and fear whether it would reach you...
'The same thrill can be said of love' – lines so true from the 'Third Wife' an African Story.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hiding in Shame

High up and above, behind the smokey clouds,
A splash of colours, so bright and wild applauds.
To catch and touch that beautiful band she wished,
Though now she could only sit numb fully crushed.
The rainbow , a prism of hues, dashing with valour,
She, so tight, with a face without the colour.
Ashamed of herself for her naivity stolen,
The moment he picked her when she had fallen.
His eyes at first were sweet and kind,
With that sinister ghost lurking just behind.

Ice –creams and lollipops in one chance!

Felicity smiled on her cherubic face, the ice melting in her hands,
And shame creeped in when his prickly hands touched her hair bands.
She was oblivious to those demonic traits,
An innocent mind departed from menacing baits.
The baits grew larger day by day just as his desire,
And her creamy hands shivered eventually in fear.
The ice-creams turned bitter as it slid into her mouth,
He vanished just as he came, a rascal so uncouth,
Leaving the little one to whimper in hiding,
As ghouls came in numbers with creepy chidings.
The colours were so far away her hands could not grope,
Even if they came to her she was too ashamed even to stroke.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was sitting in my room,

Clothes cluttered, a fallen broom.

Boxes of books,

Dust in every nook.

Shawls stuffed in bags,

New lingerie with tags.

A mist floating in the mind,

Scenes imagined of this kind.

Not an imagination I assure

Shots like this, the same gesture.

Just weeks ago I saw the same

How my eyes cheat in a playful game.

A dream was it? I wonder

Where it happened yonder!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not of Mine, Nevertheless!

You are not of my own,
No, not even of my soul,
They said you were an eye-sore.
Ripped off the flesh of a stranger.

'Down the years you will know the truth,'
they admonished.
'Your dreams would evaporate,
Bad blood seeping through your hard labour.
But what did I care,
They were ignorant, I forgave them,
Not shrouded by arrogance.

Forgive them for their insolence
Born out of love for you and me.
Hold tight your baby clench,
never let go,
You are my reason for'love'!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Awaiting Freedom!

Thin long toes, dark and dry,
The toerings, shining, sized like a rye,
She trudged with a weight,
To get to the haveli, when it was light.
Slim sillouette moved gracefully,
Her eyes looking up ruefully,
The evening sun gleed upon her dusky skin,
Tired rays piercing her like a pin.
Long, narrow fingers clutched the shawl,
Screening her features from stranger’s prowl,
Straight stick arms groped pots of water,
Colourful clays, the craft of a rustic potter.
Red bangles chimming on her arms,
As she hurried with sweat inside her palms,
Her sick husband on his rickety bed,
Would otherwise slap, if he was not fed.
The women behind cackled with laughter,
The sound of anklets following after.
Her hasty footsteps slowed its pace,
Head tilting towards the dessert space.
Her sharp ears caught the deep voice,
The young widow singing with poise,
Was it a cry of loss and pain,
A husky song letting vent without vain.
The song was ancient, as old as their race,
A tradition more perplexed than a maze.
They, women cannot sing,laugh or even pout,
When their sturdy husbands were about.
Yet when he departs to worlds apart ,
The women mourn, with songs to support.
She cries alone hiding from the rest,
But a tinge of freedom at her behest.
Now she must hurry before the sky turns black,
When the jackals comes out in a larger pack.
Her man at home, she cannot let him wait,
Inspite he in anger catches another bait,
Tomorrow, she will return to hear the widow’s song,
Because she too will sing, before long,
Sitting by the tree on lonely days,
Her freedom, a token of her mourning days.

Awaiting Freedom! by kriths82| Lulu Poetry

Awaiting Freedom! by kriths82 Lulu Poetry

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The Beauty of my Eye!

The bus came to a halt and the door swung open,
I stepped out, a gush of hot air announcing the noon.
The sun stood glaring from the sky,
The green banyan tree, below, willowing high.
I saw her, my little girl with pigtails bobbing up and down,
She clapped her hands, jumping in her gown.
A pair of white eyes and a streak of pearly white teeth,
Echoing her welcome to me, with happy feet!
A wave of trepidation swept across my forehead,
The long winding roads leading me ahead.
I rushed to the river banks as she clambered out,
Her waist swaying, her dark lips in a pout,
She smiled, her eyes eclipsed in her black brows,
Shyness masking her face as she glows.
I pass the familiar shops in the village,
The women and men changed with age.
A dash of colorful sarees, gleaming on their brown skin,
Milk white dotis screaming clean on my brownish kin.
They are my people, innocent and true,
Greeting me as I enter new.
Away from the world of blondes,
Where I went to seek some pounds.
I am back to my roots, to breathe some relief,
To steal my bride, like a thief.
She stands out, a beauty on her own,
Piggy tails and gowns long gone,
A slender figure of grace, My wife,
A beauty for my eye.
How beautiful is our dark skin,
The identity of our kin.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

welcome 2010

hmm, the year ahead started pretty happy... back with ma family..enjoying the dust and dirt of Chennai that gives the feel of familiarity. The chill weather sweeping past with grace delivering an apt chrismassy theme.
It was a great event of an "Indian Birthday"to start work with, old friends and flooding creativity.