Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When the Orphan's Sleep

When the orphans sleep, a nether world appears. Bereft of care, isolated from the same blood and vein, doth it not hurt the slightest of sinister-minded as the 'Orphans Sleep'?

You may 'pick-a-pocket or two' and be the roadside millionare, departed from the peril of being left out as you have always been. The little body, spelling adjectives of malnourishment, is all that you have. Even homelessness affects you none, when four three walls and a cover would suffice to put you to sleep. Maybe the nether world appearing as you doze off, sketches a colourful picture of kith, kin and everyone. Where food and drink is of a plenty, where hard labour is uncalled for.... thats how beautiful life is 'when orphans sleep'.

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