Sunday, November 1, 2015

Intuition of Intelligence

As old as the trees,
As far as the skies,
Walks can be longer,
But what lies beyond
Can never be changed.

Wisdom cannot be taught
Years cannot be bought,
Intelligence is intuition,
Be shrewd as a peacock.

Beauty aint eternal,
But Truth is.

When you live like,
You care not for what is said,
But what your heart says,
Life is a cycle of bliss.

Strength of a woman is not
How she is treated,
But how,
She allows to be treated..

Monday, July 7, 2014

This Life

This Life
Like the earth bearing the sorrows
Survives the travails thrust upon me with tears of joy...

With this melody of mine
Despite the troubles and tears life offered me
I have triumphed the obstacles of life to reach higher

Like a Lotus flower, spreading its beautiful petals above the mud and gore,
I have been crowned with Victory
My dreams fulfilled, my life complete

This gift of mine
Would have gone into shadows
If not for you who gave me the chance to show what I had
To achieve what I possessed

This Life,

Like the millions of stars sprayed across the night sky
My heart has no limit for the happiness it contains
I am humbled for this victory,
I salute you my fans for this joyful journey of mine

Friday, June 20, 2014

The alchemy of desire seems to take a stronghold on everybody. Nay its not the desire that raises eyebrows when adulterous affairs strike a deal for gossip. Its that cringing call for exclusivity. The changing Colombo landscapes, ever poisoning diary of your friend -FB- splashing instagrams of flashy holidays and happening gigs... its the obvious thats bitten Colombo white collars. Earn, drink, party and be merry...

Looks like the Gatsby fever has made  a u turn in to a city of awe driven youngsters, where coffee jaunts and sushi bars have taken over the traditional Perera & sons eclairs. The once crazed over Maruti 800s and Toyota Vitz rummaged by Audis everywhere, robbing parking and of course curious glares. Yamus and Kamu made a streak with their extraordinary flair for penning the first review, heralding a new culture of touch o your screen restaurant and my mom still asks me 'how do i find the hippiest place in town to eat?'.

Those who mispronounced 'school ' as Iskool are tripping on the sidewalks of Soho... and those who wore two plaits with ribbons dangling below the knee twisting multi-streaked curls. whatever, whenever things have changed to be posh and spicey, Colombo may be  a tad late but its happening.. The alchemy of desire is incessant

that Thing called Desire - Be merry , Be posh and be a show off bug has a new platform and its todays mantra, Show off if you have it, and don't bend down to 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

this that & everything else

Neither this nor that. Its difficult to make choices in life and once made the longing for the other continues grappling for that which is not. Its a calling of the heart to know what the future beholds, why certain events happen only to you.

Like everyone, its humane to wish to know what you will be tomorrow, if few years from now, see another personality, better or worse from what you are now. Would it not have been better if you had to be away from these dilemmas, softly lulling in a petal strewn cushion, barred by cries and yells, only your favourite music soothing the ear. A flourishing land gaping at you, as you raise a hand to pluck scented jasmines. Heaven, they say cannot be described. For each one it is a world of its own, where energy blooms with optimism. It lacks any wanting, and a pleasure surrounds even the most poorest of them all. Heaven is here, it is the aura you create for yourself and for those around. A weak heart fails to see the purpose of life. We need to see the purpose of everything. Nothing happens without a reason. It will have its benefits when it has to reveal itself. Nobody in the world is tortured, eberyone sees the light.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear Departed

Not that easy is it? When you imagine of crossing seas, to meet people, whom you vaguely remember , to join hands in family unity, plan picnics and get-togethers... Its an ecstatic feeling to think of many things, aspiring to achieve them.

But the trip never happens, you never see the other country, the imagination, only a film in your mind, sometimes filed in the sub-conscious returning to entertain you in the nights as a midnight encore. The people you wished to meet never see you, the ones you wish to talk to never hear your voice.

And they are not found again to connect the dots, and expand the picture. The image becomes smaller year by year, the faces fade, some faces depart to adjoining scrapbooks, collages in the next room wall.

Ever wondered why we are here? To realize after all that song and dance, you are left on your own. On a wide sea, as sea animones, sway past you, not stopping to talk, think or even notice your presence. Its the way the world is, how many times have you forgotten to notice others as you thrill in some other's company.

Rest in Peace is what you can say, far away, seated devoid of emotion, yet mourning the ties are dwindling. It is now ti9me to wonder who will you meet if at all you get a chance to go there and see the new world, flourishing with new families, children and laughter. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ramblings for a Miracle

You never know what you are meant for until it happens. Life can become tumultuous, happy, questionable or even boring when there is nothing that you could do about with it. No amount of songs, films, books, work, information or even people can satisfy you. Despite being in a crowd, you feel left out, having nothing to discuss or cherish the moment. Even gossip becomes nonsensical, and you wonder if your mind is going blank, like stagnant water, desperate to escape yet, devoid of outlets. 
The books, quotes, world news keeps telling you – the world is moving ahead- stock market rises, fluctuations, competition and still your mind says it will pass. Pass on to where you do not know, a need to connect, look beyond achievements, heed to a final calling, maybe that's what the mind calls for. 
The scenic beauty of a floating Adhisheshan carrying Lord Vishnu is all his d├ęcor, on a brightly lit pond, surrounded by a mass of silk saree and dhoti clad Hinds, seems to be the only scene that would keep my eyes bright and longing for a miracle. Of course, a catastrophe is unwanted to make life interesting, maybe a sudden turn of events, a new person, a new job yes that's what would interest me much. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The story of Merlion is famous, so is the story of the Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, both are lions but i guess while one lion sat guarding the master's fortress, the other was sprouting a flame of courageWhile the Lion in the Pearl of the Indian was resting, looking out for oncoming enemies, the Merlion went all out to conquer his enemies, laziness, dirt and corruption.. then he inspired his countrymen to fight against things that did not matter for man's upliftment.. thus he made a country where people were honest, clean and conscious of what they did. Merlion transformed himself into a calm, outgoing personality who transcended borders, welcomed new ideas and he was friendly, he experimented himself with color and costumes, and visited many places, seating at the most convenient of places where people could see him as he climbed the ladder towards development  while the other lion just sat for ages and became a rock inspiring his countrymen to do nothing but rest and watch out for war....
This is a true story of two different lions,!