Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The story of Merlion is famous, so is the story of the Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, both are lions but i guess while one lion sat guarding the master's fortress, the other was sprouting a flame of courageWhile the Lion in the Pearl of the Indian was resting, looking out for oncoming enemies, the Merlion went all out to conquer his enemies, laziness, dirt and corruption.. then he inspired his countrymen to fight against things that did not matter for man's upliftment.. thus he made a country where people were honest, clean and conscious of what they did. Merlion transformed himself into a calm, outgoing personality who transcended borders, welcomed new ideas and he was friendly, he experimented himself with color and costumes, and visited many places, seating at the most convenient of places where people could see him as he climbed the ladder towards development  while the other lion just sat for ages and became a rock inspiring his countrymen to do nothing but rest and watch out for war....
This is a true story of two different lions,!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

ok to make thing more interactive.. and being online means to connect people, wherever and whoever you are from around the globe.. here is something i want to share with you...

there are times we regret for things as they are, wanting to become what we are not, finding happiness in someone else's life.. is there something you would want to change?