Monday, July 7, 2014

This Life

This Life
Like the earth bearing the sorrows
Survives the travails thrust upon me with tears of joy...

With this melody of mine
Despite the troubles and tears life offered me
I have triumphed the obstacles of life to reach higher

Like a Lotus flower, spreading its beautiful petals above the mud and gore,
I have been crowned with Victory
My dreams fulfilled, my life complete

This gift of mine
Would have gone into shadows
If not for you who gave me the chance to show what I had
To achieve what I possessed

This Life,

Like the millions of stars sprayed across the night sky
My heart has no limit for the happiness it contains
I am humbled for this victory,
I salute you my fans for this joyful journey of mine

Friday, June 20, 2014

The alchemy of desire seems to take a stronghold on everybody. Nay its not the desire that raises eyebrows when adulterous affairs strike a deal for gossip. Its that cringing call for exclusivity. The changing Colombo landscapes, ever poisoning diary of your friend -FB- splashing instagrams of flashy holidays and happening gigs... its the obvious thats bitten Colombo white collars. Earn, drink, party and be merry...

Looks like the Gatsby fever has made  a u turn in to a city of awe driven youngsters, where coffee jaunts and sushi bars have taken over the traditional Perera & sons eclairs. The once crazed over Maruti 800s and Toyota Vitz rummaged by Audis everywhere, robbing parking and of course curious glares. Yamus and Kamu made a streak with their extraordinary flair for penning the first review, heralding a new culture of touch o your screen restaurant and my mom still asks me 'how do i find the hippiest place in town to eat?'.

Those who mispronounced 'school ' as Iskool are tripping on the sidewalks of Soho... and those who wore two plaits with ribbons dangling below the knee twisting multi-streaked curls. whatever, whenever things have changed to be posh and spicey, Colombo may be  a tad late but its happening.. The alchemy of desire is incessant

that Thing called Desire - Be merry , Be posh and be a show off bug has a new platform and its todays mantra, Show off if you have it, and don't bend down to