Thursday, December 25, 2008


Three books within a span of one month is something I could not imagine myself doing. But the sudden urge in blogging prompted me to read and there I am… in the year 2008 almost around 7 big books old (not counting the various magazines I’ve read so far).

The recent ones “The Bookseller of Kabul” made me think how lucky am I to be a woman with so much of liberation, “Gilgamesh” inspired along Edith’s journeys along Europe, Middle-east and Australia and “Changeling” horrified me in the end with the tragic death of (suicide to be precise) of Tom Curdie.

“You are Here”, “Three Mistakes of My Life” and “The Far Spent day” were other books that I could kill time with and increase my language skills. TFSD was endearing as it was from Sri Lanka and brought back memories of Colpetty and Bambalapitiya. I may be a late reader of some of these novels as it was only the year 2008 that propelled a plunge into reading nevertheless am happy. Happy - that these books are allowing me to peep into other cultures, stories of diverse people and carrying me around the world.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This tribute made by NDTV was beyond words...
The Mumbai attack woke up the public towards reality, towards sleepy politicians and crooked bureacrats...
Unfortunately this had to be done at the cost of laying to a deep sleep, a few good brave men...

They shut their eyes, to open the eyes of the public, to show us that life is not all about bieng selfish but fighting and saving the other.. who would have such courage!

Ilayarajah's Music

Each time Surya (Vaaranam Ayiram) kept cooing that Meghna’s beauty mesmerized him like an Ilayarajah song, I couldn’t help but wonder how ineffaceable the maestro’s music is, even now.

A sense of nostalgic melancholy seeps within, as you listen to his 80s song. The essence of Tamil feeling runs through his tunes reminding one of the bullock carts, gravel roads, large eyed heroines in colourful sarees and 'kosuvams', lush green fields coupled with significant verses that spoke of Tamil Nadu and its culture as in a Bharathirajah film.

The stories of rural Tamil Nadu echoed a sense of poverty devoid of modernity yet with happy people who could break into a song near the river, under the monumental ruins of a temple or a mud hut. Those films were clear visuals never allowed to be wiped out of memory. Gone are those pictures of soft songs and touching lyrics… the present milieu of extravaganza and high end pictures are yet another unique form of film making presenting the unquestioned growth of Tamil Cinema. Still the yesteryear ones keep ringing with their daring stories and echoing music of Ilayarajah.

The melting strings of the guitar, the gentle vibes of the flute and the between doses of tabla were unique in their interplay to churn out impregnable music. Long Live the maestro's muisc!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bullets with Coffee

The night of 26th November 2008 remains indelible forever in many minds. As I was sitting at a posh café in Chennai few days back, I just imagined the horror the diners at Leopold, Mumbai would have felt, when ignorant young men with rifles showered them with piercing bullets. A gush of red blood splattering across the pure white whip cream and the taste and smell of coffee and beer, overpowered with the scent of human blood and flesh. Horrifying screams of death deafening the once merry music of the café.

“Leopold” an identity of the bourgeoning upper class, which till then was caught up in the frenzy of back packing foreigners, hip college kids and floating art lovers of the ancients, were treated to a nightmarish night in the hands of a few poor urchins carrying high end guns and bombs, arriving all the way from an illiterate village in (they say) Pakistan. For those who believed bomb blasts were restricted to crowded market places and shrines thronging with worshippers be it Hindu or Muslim, 26/11 was a clarion call. It showed terror can happen anywhere to anyone.

There would be even more Qasabs and Ismails being trained in distant camps across the globe, brainwashed with video clips and fiery speeches, drugged and derailed in life, to carry out someone else’ destructive desires. While a few ambitious Mullahs sacrifice the unsuspecting youth, for martyrdom, harbouring wishes of Supremacy over the globe, the common man, be he from the lower, middle or upper class with his daily toil to survive becomes the credulous victim. After Mumbhai, it could be any where-Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi….

As the Government tries to amend past mistakes, the news channels rest on their breaking news campaigns, as the security lightly sighs a relief, as the cloud of 26/11 becomes hazy, as Qasab’s figure in the Versace T shirt dims down from peoples’ mind and as they settle down in their daily routine fight for financial survival the terror may strike again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Lil X Mas Tree

The Christmas spirit is not so much in Chennai, yet the chilly mornings and misty atmosphere owing to the unpredicted showers doth give an air of the festive season. A few shops displaying trinkets and chubby Santas caught my fantasy yesterday and it prodded me to step in to the small shop on my way home, for some unexpected Christmas shopping. I am not a Christian, my inner mind kept saying, not that I would be celebrating the day with roasted turkeys and wine but hey its all about being artistic and creative right. its always been my fantasy to gape at the huge, glittery trees erected in the elegant hotels, both in Sri Lanka and India.

The jingles and merriments that come along with it. My White Christmas in Manali, on the 25th December 2002 was most unforgettable. The Nuns dressed up like grand dames in their thick woolen cloaks and strong sticks to lead them up the snow clad mountains, we girls jittery and numb in heavy boots and coats, that we were not used to... it was a college trip thats remains indelible in my mind till now...

So Christmas is for every body...!
And there I went buying the smallest, greenest little X mas tree along with some red and gold decors like bells, balls, cutely wrapped gift parcels and a golden angel.

A little ‘X mas’ tree to add a touch of beauty to my home and usher in the cosy and colourful festive season with aplomb. Am sure as the date nears I could try to add more surprising excitement to the show.