Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Lil X Mas Tree

The Christmas spirit is not so much in Chennai, yet the chilly mornings and misty atmosphere owing to the unpredicted showers doth give an air of the festive season. A few shops displaying trinkets and chubby Santas caught my fantasy yesterday and it prodded me to step in to the small shop on my way home, for some unexpected Christmas shopping. I am not a Christian, my inner mind kept saying, not that I would be celebrating the day with roasted turkeys and wine but hey its all about being artistic and creative right. its always been my fantasy to gape at the huge, glittery trees erected in the elegant hotels, both in Sri Lanka and India.

The jingles and merriments that come along with it. My White Christmas in Manali, on the 25th December 2002 was most unforgettable. The Nuns dressed up like grand dames in their thick woolen cloaks and strong sticks to lead them up the snow clad mountains, we girls jittery and numb in heavy boots and coats, that we were not used to... it was a college trip thats remains indelible in my mind till now...

So Christmas is for every body...!
And there I went buying the smallest, greenest little X mas tree along with some red and gold decors like bells, balls, cutely wrapped gift parcels and a golden angel.

A little ‘X mas’ tree to add a touch of beauty to my home and usher in the cosy and colourful festive season with aplomb. Am sure as the date nears I could try to add more surprising excitement to the show.

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