Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ilayarajah's Music

Each time Surya (Vaaranam Ayiram) kept cooing that Meghna’s beauty mesmerized him like an Ilayarajah song, I couldn’t help but wonder how ineffaceable the maestro’s music is, even now.

A sense of nostalgic melancholy seeps within, as you listen to his 80s song. The essence of Tamil feeling runs through his tunes reminding one of the bullock carts, gravel roads, large eyed heroines in colourful sarees and 'kosuvams', lush green fields coupled with significant verses that spoke of Tamil Nadu and its culture as in a Bharathirajah film.

The stories of rural Tamil Nadu echoed a sense of poverty devoid of modernity yet with happy people who could break into a song near the river, under the monumental ruins of a temple or a mud hut. Those films were clear visuals never allowed to be wiped out of memory. Gone are those pictures of soft songs and touching lyrics… the present milieu of extravaganza and high end pictures are yet another unique form of film making presenting the unquestioned growth of Tamil Cinema. Still the yesteryear ones keep ringing with their daring stories and echoing music of Ilayarajah.

The melting strings of the guitar, the gentle vibes of the flute and the between doses of tabla were unique in their interplay to churn out impregnable music. Long Live the maestro's muisc!

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