Thursday, December 25, 2008


Three books within a span of one month is something I could not imagine myself doing. But the sudden urge in blogging prompted me to read and there I am… in the year 2008 almost around 7 big books old (not counting the various magazines I’ve read so far).

The recent ones “The Bookseller of Kabul” made me think how lucky am I to be a woman with so much of liberation, “Gilgamesh” inspired along Edith’s journeys along Europe, Middle-east and Australia and “Changeling” horrified me in the end with the tragic death of (suicide to be precise) of Tom Curdie.

“You are Here”, “Three Mistakes of My Life” and “The Far Spent day” were other books that I could kill time with and increase my language skills. TFSD was endearing as it was from Sri Lanka and brought back memories of Colpetty and Bambalapitiya. I may be a late reader of some of these novels as it was only the year 2008 that propelled a plunge into reading nevertheless am happy. Happy - that these books are allowing me to peep into other cultures, stories of diverse people and carrying me around the world.

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