Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hiding in Shame

High up and above, behind the smokey clouds,
A splash of colours, so bright and wild applauds.
To catch and touch that beautiful band she wished,
Though now she could only sit numb fully crushed.
The rainbow , a prism of hues, dashing with valour,
She, so tight, with a face without the colour.
Ashamed of herself for her naivity stolen,
The moment he picked her when she had fallen.
His eyes at first were sweet and kind,
With that sinister ghost lurking just behind.

Ice –creams and lollipops in one chance!

Felicity smiled on her cherubic face, the ice melting in her hands,
And shame creeped in when his prickly hands touched her hair bands.
She was oblivious to those demonic traits,
An innocent mind departed from menacing baits.
The baits grew larger day by day just as his desire,
And her creamy hands shivered eventually in fear.
The ice-creams turned bitter as it slid into her mouth,
He vanished just as he came, a rascal so uncouth,
Leaving the little one to whimper in hiding,
As ghouls came in numbers with creepy chidings.
The colours were so far away her hands could not grope,
Even if they came to her she was too ashamed even to stroke.

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