Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beginning your Day..!

Today I started my day with a prayer.. its become a ritual of sorts daily to chant a few mantras to different Gods. Whether am thinking of the Almighty all the time I pray, is doubtful. Its just a ritual which I never fail. There are times when I step out of the house without saying even one prayer for the day and later in the day if something bad happens, immediately my faithful mind attributes it towards failing to chant the daily dose of mantras that am used to. Some say am overtly superstitious but I’ve to admit that if I miss a bus or get a warning scolding from my seniors for leaving assignments incomplete earning scorning looks, undesirable many a times, then its back to blaming myself for forgetting to thank if not just say a “hello’ to my saviours.

What prompted me to write this on prayers was an article in yesterdays paper where popular model Rajneesh Duggal had said with great sincerity about the “Hanuman Chalisa”. This article though I read it without much interest actually got me thinking later on. Yes even I say the mantra daily (whether I am totally drawn in to it while saying it is pretty doubtful, coz there are times when my mind sways towards what’s cooking in the kitchen, As I recite the same in the shrine room) But the truth is, for me the “Hanuman Chalisa” has become so important that I never step out without reciting it.. And day by day the amount of stanzas I say from diverse slokas just keep increasing thanks to my spiritually inclined mother and the belief in God she gave mme since I was a kid. I’ve to admit that having a hold on a religious activity be it a few minutes of meditation, prayer or just silence would definitely help everyone keep a check on their daily activities, and that includes me.

It instills a bout of fear on God. Now the fear here is not used in the literal term but as a sign, where one is not plainly afraid of God but afraid of doing things in the wrong way against the Almighty’s will. Simply put the idea that someone from up above is watching you, like “Big Brother”, hence beware of your doings. Be it unwanted gossip, back-biting, cheating- anyone who is apprehensive of the outcome for his actions wouldn’t dare to tune his mind in the wrong, and am sure such a person would be intelligent enough to understand that ‘whatever goes round will come back to him’. So better watch out for your words and deeds that may just take a swerve and return powerfully at you. I admit it is difficult to refrain from talking about someone you hate or just blaming another, when there is competition to survive at work where you earn your daily bread. No one’s Godly enough to always forgive and forget and keep some bickering tightly packed within his or her self. Situations with men and machines, in the high tech world would easily provoke hatred and depression…now this is when I say a dose of spirituality in any form would keep one highly alert in reality, not allowing the mind to be carried away by simple passing vapors of despair. I call them vapours because such frustration among or on fellow-beings are temporary and would in a day die without a trace.

Infuse spirituality and take its support when the mind is dry. But I’ve also witnessed even in the heights of felicity one should ‘Thank God!’ and not allow the happiness to eclipse actuality coz the next day you go back to what you are and were!

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subbu said...

Beginning with GOD's power is a tremendous approach to life.we are pawns in front of HIM.He moves and controls our life and destiny very effectively.prayers are essentially needed to stand stronger in this brutally mechanised and automated world.May God bless you.He will for someone who truly beleive HIM.