Monday, November 17, 2008

Mood swings of a week

Why do people get irritated? A snappy yell at provoker, a disgusted sneer at the object of annoyance, an unexpected spank on the unassuming intruder… the past few weeks have been pretty hazardous for people who came across me. A pang of irritation had jumped out of my otherwise tight closet called ‘self’ inviting unbearable words from my mouth to sweep out, even at the slightest jest from a friend. To get pass this slight obsession with irritation, I had gulped down few mugs of ‘Barista’ coffee and ready to eat popcorn. Still the mania does not leave me. Even some extra time in the prayer room has not yielded much result.

The other day, Saturday to be precise, I had half a day off and went off to watch a movie with a friend. While Priyanka Chopra sizzled on screen, with her well-toned, strictly no bulging extra flesh body, and as John and Abishek churned out incessant laughter pretending to be gay-yes I was watching “Dostana”- a couple at the back got some eerie glares from my friend for kicking her seat. The young couple was oblivious to my friend’s grueling stares and for a change, this time, I kept listening as my friend spit words of raspy insults on the youngsters.

Now my friend and me seemed to be on the same sides where getting irritated was concerned and I was happy that I was not alone after all. Whether a young man with a ‘am so cool’ attitude made a wanting glance at you near the bus stop, or an uncle old enough to be your grandfather, riding an old scooter traversed your dress as he passed by near the signal or a poking aunt like one of my ex- wardens, kept eyeing your hair and make-up each time you got dressed to go to work. Anyone on the road, work or even the mall it seemed might irk my ire. I have been Ms. Rude to some really uncouth people who behave, talk and most importantly look in the most unpleasant of ways but hey I can’t help it. My nerve that provokes the irritation gland is pretty extra spirited that it easily spurs the words to flow out of my mouth within a few minutes of the aggravation, warning people to stay away. Now it does not mean am this grumpy, hate - people, wicked witch, as your imagination plays around guessing me in the figure of a sharp tongued, frowning, mean young woman with a not-so friendly face typing peevishly at the keys, but no am much different from your imaginary strokes though the annoyance at some issues lingers on.

Is it because you are neither young nor old, somewhere in the middle- ‘ready to be married’ but extra modern to fit in with the right groom or is it because they are too old, and prying that this irritation gets into you or that some people cannot just stop being over curious to know about many ‘others’ things? Either ways we are all humans and with emotions dying to be happy in spite of some sloppy incidents in life. Am praying this phase of my ‘going off the moods’ will sway past to make me pleasant and nonchalant.

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Arjun K said...

check out this tshirt line...
I hate everybody, and you're next.
...& you know what..the worst part is you are on a mood swing & there are people all over; still there is no one to give you a just sit there staring...ha ha...good one K...real good...cause i could relate to it