Friday, August 21, 2009

Gypsy Thoughts

A person born in a remote village of Sri Lanka is inspired by the gypsy folklore of Romania.. The simple reason is that the person had read a book on the subject of gypsies and instead of chiding it away as fantasy had allowed imagination to be groped into that world letting thoughts to run wild among the woods like the gypsies. When temptations of the real world around invites the detached reader in to realms of evil, its a humanistic desire to escape in to another land that promises safety and felicity. Its again what the mind desires to accept.

I have heard rumours and bickerings of every soul whose unhappiness is prompted by either jealousy or insecurity. Such people allow their thoughts to be weaved within their circle enclosed by boundaries of the familiar. It does take a lot of reading and indomitable force to escape in to other worlds, that may generally be non-existent, to overcome vain thoughts of pessimism. A gush of energy of the mind would scrupulously aid in reading through the garbs of invited pretense. The gypsies were condemned for their alacrity of provoking through falsity and standing solely apart from the rest. May be its not the gypsy they condemned, but the inner spirit of incessant dominance and truth. A fearless approach to the unknown which helped them to stay away from the restricted world of materialistic happiness. The way of the Mother, which sustained their lives and guided towards happiness that is devoid of materialism and ownership. They help you search look for it in Nature! A Worship to the Nature that leads to the ultimate form of refreshing peace and serenity. The happiness which lies deep, down, deep and dark in the silent waters and the cold peaks of uninhabited mountains. Where you are one with the self and the Almighty!

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