Friday, August 21, 2009

God's Child & Naked Goddess

The chill of the vacant mountains gashes across the skin
An impulse to cut into my thin bones,
Toes rigid, fingers senseless, the shin numb to movements
Its the urge of the soul to search for a truth
Among the highest plains for an invincible halo!
A presence, inevitable,
Invisible though to the naked eye.

Deep in to the calming waters, moving in synchronic motion,
Darkness, not sinister, but echoing a life undisturbed,
I find a peace enclosed in mystery.
The creatures lie so deep and down, oblivious to the curious intruder,
Surrounded by a surreal presence Who emanates
Their spiritual security,
A sanctity for their click.

May be He dwells where life runs
Departed from human terror,
As dictated by the Master, unpolluted by vicious thoughts!

In the red flames of a dancing lava,
Or wriggling in muddy slimes of paddy fields,
On the banks that border transparent rivers
With slippery algae of varied hues,
A spirit lies watching every being guarded.

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