Thursday, August 1, 2013

this that & everything else

Neither this nor that. Its difficult to make choices in life and once made the longing for the other continues grappling for that which is not. Its a calling of the heart to know what the future beholds, why certain events happen only to you.

Like everyone, its humane to wish to know what you will be tomorrow, if few years from now, see another personality, better or worse from what you are now. Would it not have been better if you had to be away from these dilemmas, softly lulling in a petal strewn cushion, barred by cries and yells, only your favourite music soothing the ear. A flourishing land gaping at you, as you raise a hand to pluck scented jasmines. Heaven, they say cannot be described. For each one it is a world of its own, where energy blooms with optimism. It lacks any wanting, and a pleasure surrounds even the most poorest of them all. Heaven is here, it is the aura you create for yourself and for those around. A weak heart fails to see the purpose of life. We need to see the purpose of everything. Nothing happens without a reason. It will have its benefits when it has to reveal itself. Nobody in the world is tortured, eberyone sees the light.

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