Monday, June 3, 2013

Ramblings for a Miracle

You never know what you are meant for until it happens. Life can become tumultuous, happy, questionable or even boring when there is nothing that you could do about with it. No amount of songs, films, books, work, information or even people can satisfy you. Despite being in a crowd, you feel left out, having nothing to discuss or cherish the moment. Even gossip becomes nonsensical, and you wonder if your mind is going blank, like stagnant water, desperate to escape yet, devoid of outlets. 
The books, quotes, world news keeps telling you – the world is moving ahead- stock market rises, fluctuations, competition and still your mind says it will pass. Pass on to where you do not know, a need to connect, look beyond achievements, heed to a final calling, maybe that's what the mind calls for. 
The scenic beauty of a floating Adhisheshan carrying Lord Vishnu is all his d├ęcor, on a brightly lit pond, surrounded by a mass of silk saree and dhoti clad Hinds, seems to be the only scene that would keep my eyes bright and longing for a miracle. Of course, a catastrophe is unwanted to make life interesting, maybe a sudden turn of events, a new person, a new job yes that's what would interest me much. 

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