Friday, September 18, 2009

Brownies & Burnt Cookies

Don't let someone who hates the world,
Cause you to hate it too,

Very powerful meaning indeed. To a busy eye this statement may be just another word of wisdom thought of by an idle writer. But only idleness can allow you the vacuum to think of things which were distanced from you with the mundane activities of everyday. Of course idleness can also lead to wasteful thinking and invite indiscipline. Yet for a matured mind and conscientious heart it is this time where new thoughts are provoked to think of life and its meaning.

Life is very personal, though I read in a quotation “Life is like a Foreign Language. Many men mispronounce it”. It is a personally foreign concept where we do not allow another to enter our territory nevertheless while we, ourselves strive hard to to understand it.

What does it mean to 'Don't let someone who hates the world, Cause you to hate it too,? Have you come across people who insult, bully, criticize or simply brainwash you for no reason. Why does one ponder into another's life? When you are at your presentable best someone walks up to you to pass a slight hint on your attire, your make-up or just to say 'how tired you look'. Its not that you look any of the above but its the person from whose lips the words found an entrance. He /She was displeased with the world or insecure of your presence that they had to say something to find vent for their jealousy. There was this person (who I had immense fear of) who threw fierce insults and hatred at anyone who worked with him. My inexperienced mind knew not why this person had to find fault with everyone else. It was either he was the BEST in everything that he could not stand the faulty work of another, or the truth was that this person was such a failure in life so he could not digest the better work of another. Similarly, I've found a lot of people who are helpless when it comes to showing skill and take it out on their better equipped juniors with displeasure and discontent. A word of appreciation hardly escapes from their lips and if it does find an outlet its out of a fear of being left alone while the other leaves for a fertile pasture to graze for his knowledge and improve his dexterity.

We only live once, we do not get a chance to re-live a moment lost hence is it not good for us to earn browny points in a fair way than incur burnt cookies?

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