Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tsunami ?

Do you get terrified of warnings? I do not get terrified but curious.. a tsunami alert has been given for the next week in Sri Lanka and am just wondering whats gonna happen.

As if building up the momentum, the sky has been gloomy for the past two weeks, the sun's been hiding ( or may be resting after a heavy show in India) and showers make a secret presence in the nights, leaving wet clothes on the clothes line every morning.

Further its the seas... Since landing on this soil I have not got a chance to go to the beach, reason bieng that my friends have been warned of rough seas by every TOM and HARRY @ work so they wouldn't accompany me near the water. And thanks to the previous attacks we people have no beach to stand on and look up at the sun sliding down the horizon... the last time i tried, i tripped over the huge black rocks that were put up to block the sea from wiping off the sand. So this is the aftermath of a natural disaster that's slowly robbing earth..

Its a welcome relief from the draining heat of Chennai, but wish the atmosphere was a little chirpier and not so GLOOM!!!! And if all his is the trumpet call for Tsunami, lets see if its coming! and if it does not.. huh...

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